Rio Blanco Wellness Center - Stress, Pain Management, Emotion Code, Iridology & Bach Remedies

Introducing for the first time a simple, powerful system for creating total wellness.

The result of 30+ years of research in the frontier science of Quantum Biology, NES Health Total Wellness System:

Assesses the root causes of imbalances with the precision of the Bio-Scan. It utilizes therapeutic tools & bio-energetic information to restore optimal wellbeing. It reduces acute pain within 10 minutes using the MiHealth. It is effective in activating the body's own healing responses

In a recent study, symptoms of depression decreased for 87% of the participants
Get your own Bio-scan with written report and energy balancing session with C.N.H.P. Brandon Rios.
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Handheld Pain-Relieving Device -- The Doctors
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